A Las Vegas police officer was found guilty by a federal jury on Friday of committing theft in three separate casino heists, amounting to roughly $165,000. In one of the heists, the officer was armed with a loaded handgun given by the department.

Caleb Rogers, aged 35, is subject to a potential life sentence betvisa following his conviction for using a pistol during his third casino robbery in February 2022. U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon scheduled the sentencing for October.

The jury rendered a verdict following slightly more than three hours of deliberation.

Lloyd Dickerson, one of the 12 jurors, informed The Associated Press that they relied on their rational judgment to reach a verdict in the case.

“All the factors converged,” Dickerson stated outside the courthouse. “The conclusion was reached after considering all the evidence and testimony from everyone involved.”

Rogers, accompanied by his lawyer, remained impassive as the verdict was announced in the courtroom. Richard Pocker informed the Associated Press that they intended to challenge the verdict.

Rogers, who was working as an active-duty patrol officer during the robberies, has been on pay leave without police authority since his arrest.

According to a representative from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Rogers’ fate within the department will be decided once the internal dafabet inquiry is completed. The government declined to provide any comment regarding Rogers’ conviction.

The trial was presented to the jury on Thursday, immediately following the testimony of Rogers’ younger brother, who provided a detailed account for over three hours, vividly illustrating how the two executed the initial robbery in the series. Josiah Rogers claimed sole involvement in that particular robbery. According to prosecutors, Caleb Rogers executed the remaining two robberies by himself.

During the week-long trial, the prosecutors depicted Rogers as a compulsive gambler who became more and more desperate due to a heavy burden of debt when the series of robberies targeting casinos near the Las Vegas Strip commenced. According to reports, he possessed a distinctive combination of expertise and understanding in the field of criminal activities, particularly in relation to thefts, which he effectively utilized due to his background as a law enforcement official.

The jurors were also presented with testimonies from casino personnel who expressed that they continue to be deeply affected by their interactions with the robber. A security guard engaged in physical combat with the suspect in order to gain control of the firearm that was loaded. He expressed his persistent preoccupation with the possibility of not having returned to his family on that particular day. A 63-year-old cashier expressed that she remains vigilant while handling cash at her workplace.

During his concluding statement on Thursday, Assistant U.S. attorney David Kiebler asserted that the evidence from all three crimes unequivocally implicated Caleb Rogers as the perpetrator.

However, Pocker, the attorney representing the officer, argued that the majority of the evidence presented by the government was circumstantial and conveniently supported the police department’s ongoing but unsuccessful efforts to solve the other thefts prior to Rogers’ arrest.

“The level of effort exerted here was excessive,” Pocker stated in his concluding statement. “The occurrence is highly coincidental.”

The culmination of Rogers’ trial occurred on Thursday when his brother testified.

Josiah Rogers was offered legal immunity in return for providing his testimony, so protecting him from being prosecuted. Jurors hastily jotted down notes and exchanged quick glances while Josiah Rogers provided a detailed account of the events.

According to him, they practiced for their casino robbery in November 2021. According to him, they utilized coded language on a secure messaging application to exchange messages. Upon successfully stealing the teller cage at the Red Rock Casino, they returned to their shared apartment and meticulously arranged the stolen money on their dining table. They proceeded to count out a total of $73,810.

Josiah Rogers claimed that he relocated to their original place of residence, Columbus, Ohio, just one week after the heist, with the $30,000 he obtained from the incident.


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